Not sure why "Move" is duplicating geometry

Just trying to make a pipe follow a curve… the pipe is offset using Move to the height of the curve that’s being used to set points for the ridge of the roof. (Also used Move for the ridge height.)

However, it appears that the pipe is being duplicated rather than moved, and I think the ridge curve points may be, too.

I didn’t see anything that noted that Move duplicates anything, so I’m sure I’m missing something here.
Any help appreciated.

The standard process is to disable the preview objects once they obsolete. Grasshopper geometry doesn’t exist until baked, so you are moving the implied definition of a cylinder in space, but its just a simulacrum of a cylinder, not a Rhino one.

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Thanks - not sure what you mean by “obsolete” though. I just want to see where the geometry will end up…

the one highlighted is the original geometry:

if you click on Move, it will highlight (I guess) this geometry:

after moving it you can turn off the Preview for your original Pipe, so you won’t see it anymore

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Move anyways copies objects in Grasshopper. Think that the objects from the previous components exist and do the moved objects exist. Simply turn the preview of in the of previous component off.

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Thanks everyone.

I think where I was struggling with this is that (as inno highlighted above) clicking on the “Move” component highlights the “new” geometry; the way I was thinking about it was that “Move” is an operation vs. a thing, rather than an operation AND a thing :slight_smile:

Some really interesting stuff going on here. Happy to say it’s making me think of modeling in a new way.