Not sure how to model this headset cable connector

Feel a bit silly asking, but I haven’t modeled this kind of thing much, and am a bit stuck.

Just wondering what might be the “best” way (or, ok, some good ways) to model this might be?
I guess the round-to-rectangular profile is tripping me up!

Any suggestions appreciated.


And… yeah, next:

Just kidding. I do need to model the plug part, though :slight_smile:

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Just a hint…

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Ah! So I have to use little black number-market-things. :wink:

That isn’t the easiest thing to surface model with nurbs, but not too difficult with SubD if you have some experience with that. I’ll see if I can make a simple example.

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Here’s one SubD for you to look at.

HeadPhoneCableThingo.3dm (413.0 KB)


Cool! Haven’t tried SubD before.
Did a little homework & quick test & really like using it…

How did you get the edge joins so clean?
Also curious about your individual SubD shape placement, assuming you bridged the objects.


Nice! You are a natural!
Try to remove as many seams as possible to get long, smooth transitions where needed.