Not sure how to create proper "stripe" texture

I’m trying to use the 2D checkers texture with scaling & repeat to create a striped texture, but can’t seem to get it working/ repeating properly…

So… I’m sure there’s an easy way to create stripes, but I haven’t found it yet. Maybe wood?

Here are the results from using the checker. I have vertical repeat set to 80… obviously this isn’t repeating 80 times. Tried horizontal repeat of .5 to get rid of the seam but that didn’t work.

You need to UV-unwrap your surface first! A simple surface mapping should be fine.
Then apply a 2D Checker Texture with these settings:

A file would have been a nice touch!

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Hello - I use the Waves texture for this with ‘Contrast In’ and ‘Contrast Out’ both at 1 for hard edged stripes.

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Thanks! Probably would have posted a file but thought this was mostly a texture question. Will do that next time.