Not smooth curved polysurface

Hello, I attach a render with a problem with a curved polysurface that is not smooth.
At the options - mesh - I have already changed it to smooth and slower.
I tried to make this polysurface with trim and also boolean but the result is the same.
What I have noticed is that the curved polyline that I extruded has more than three control points.
Could this cause the problem? How can I make the control points less?

Thank you!

How do we stop people from wasting time re modeling stuff just because of the mesh settings? Set the default ludicrously dense?

Is that edge that looks jagged joined to anything? Look at the detailed mesh settings if “smooth and slower” doesn’t do the trick. The help should explain what they do. Also look at the per object mesh settings so you don’t explode the polygon count on everything.

Hi, could you upload just the area under the staircase ? That way people could see what you are working with.—Mark

I think this edge may be one of the things he is worried about -


However he also states this:

If it really is a polyline, then you will always have facets…

The stair underside surface may also not be smooth, but even if it is, it could suffer from long skinny triangle meshing artifacts - again need to have the file or at least the relevant parts to see.

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staircase.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hello and thank you for your help.

I attach another unfinished render and the file with the problematic volumes.
The truth is I am not an expert concerning all the settings and the parameters so any help will be much appreciated.

staircase.3dm (2.7 MB)
Hi, I rebuilt your staircase . I saw that your input curves could be better. Mine may not be better, but as an example of another persons view of the same situation. I think 100 people could show a 100 different ways, so the best solution is the one that suites the person making the decisions.
Your original curves show a lot of up and down irregularities in smoothness. If you look at the mid-point of the railing you can see there what I am talking about. good luck —Mark

Thank you a lot for your help Mark.
I don’t understand why my original curves show a lot of up and down irregularities in smoothness.
Is there a way to avoid it for the next time I have the same problem?
I had a closed polyline, I extruded it, I made a circle, extruded it also and then trim.
Thank you again.

My understanding with making things is to be your own quality control person. Check the things you make frequently as you model them. Rebuild, Rebuild, Rebuild if you have to.
I liked your rendering. One thing from a personal stand point I am wondering about on your stairwell is the underside as it comes to the floor. That seems like a dust trap. I personally would close that in at some point. It would make it easier to clean. —-Mark