Not showing textures after re-opening file

Hi i came across a weird material bug or not know how to solve this issue, i tried looking online for similar problem but have not found anything.

I have created an interior scene in Rhino 7 on Win 11. I made some basic materials uploading jpeg textures to it (using rhino render), everything worked until i saved the file, closed the window and return to this file after few days. Now all the materials that had some kind of jpeg bitmap, is showing weird maps and not showing proper materials. The path to the jpeg files has not changed, in textures panel i can see the path, and also i can see the textures there in thumbnail, but i cannot see it in viewport.

If i select all things in the scene, hit copy and paste it into a new rhino file, textures can be seen once again, but only until i save and close the file and come to it next day, then its again not showing in viewport… Below pictures what i see in my(original file), second what i can see when i copy it to a new file.

Are the textures contained on a cloud or external drive? If so, please move them to the local project directory and see if they behave.

When you save the model are you using the save textures checkbox?

HI Kyle, textures were located in the same directory on local drive… Also save textures is enabled, weirdly enough when i took the file put it on flashdrive and opened it up on second computer the textures are shown normally.

ok, It sounds like something is blocking access or is screwing up the location mapping of the textures to the file.

If you open the file, remap the image locations and then save, does it get any better?

Hi Daniel - can you please run the systemInfo comand in Rhino and copy/paste the results here?
If you can send us the file, or a smaller subset that shows the problem, would be better , that would be helpful -, and please include a link back here in your comments.