Not Saving

Hi I’m getting this every time I try and save. what can i do to fix this? Capture

in windows explorer, change the folder property’s to change.
If you do not have the autority to do so, use Save As… and save your file in your private folder

Hello - can you save directly to the desktop ?


I tried that it is strange it’s my laptop I did get it form student loan that is why it says student but I have checked and I should have all the authority to do what I want with it, I’ve had it for two years now and been using rhino for a year now and this has only recently started happening to all my rhino flies when I try and save them but only rhino. new flies and old.

No I can’t can’t save anywhere on my computer. Both with new and old rhino flies.

Hello - can you SaveAs?


No can’t save as.

It works now but thank you for your help. :slight_smile: