Not responding or is it?

This screenshot was taken during a MeshOutline on several meshed parts, the operation was taking too long - has it crashed or should I wait? Press Escape and redo with the individual meshes.

1st wish, Escape doesn’t halt the outline operation, I wish it did as Ctrl-Alt-delete will lose a lot of work as it’s a while since I’ve saved, better wait…

2nd wish, (Not Responding) I wish the commandline said command in progress or similar, Not Responding implies a crash. This happens with other commands too, for example dragging points on a dodgy solid. You don’t realise it’s dodgy till you start dragging, again escape doesn’t work here so how long should I wait before terminating?

While writing up this report the mesh outline appeared, phew! (as it usually does.)

Hi Brian - hm - I’ll add a bug track item for MeshOutline so this gets recorded, but I get that this is a broader request - I just do not have a good idea how, or to which dev, it should be presented. Your example will help though and it will make its way to the right person - no idea what the possibilities are for making it better, however.


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