Not refreshing in time, in Layouts

Hello again,

I have an interesting issue which regards the Layouts.

I have a 3D model. I had used the Make2D command, and placed the newly contours properly.
I made the dimensions, placed some text. Nothing unusual.
I made the Layouts, with A3 paper space. Fine by now.
Printed in PDF and send it to the client. PERFECT!

But now, I have to make some modifications. After, 1 week of not opening the file, now I observe that something is happening.
When I want to place a new dimension, it takes like… 2-3 seconds until I see the insertion point.
But, when I want to place the dimension, it does not appear, until I zoom out.
Please give me some advice on this. The model space has in about 5000+ lines … but when I made it I hadn’t god any issues.

I am running an Intel i7 -2600K @ 3400GHz, with 16GB memory and for video is 2x nVidia GeForce GTX 550 Ti. (in case you might want to say that the PC is slow).

I am using the SR9 -64-bit. version
The “funny” thing is that I have a colleague that hasn’t upgraded to SR9 (still he has the SR7), and it works as it should be. So I am guessing something is wrong with this SR.9, regarding this subject.

Thank you,


Hi Tiberiu- when you were first working with the file, was it also in SR 9?
Have you made any changes to your computer, for example, updating video drivers?
Are you running any plug-ins that your colleague is not running?
If possible, send us the file - you can upload it here:



Hi Pascal, thank for you reply.

Yes, I have SR9 for quite some time.
I have the latest drivers from nVidia.
I have the Flamingo nXt rendering application and the SectionTools plugin. Everything else (we have same plugins) is the same.

I uploaded a few minutes ago the file 13012-70-311-A-WIP OC - Bulkheads.7z

Thank you,


Hi Tiberiu - so far no problems here. SR 9 here as well, Section Tools and Flamingo both present. Are you in Print preview mode? (PrintDisplay command)


Hi Pascal

No, I am in shaded mode. I also tried in wireframe.
But now this is awkward. I opened the file, and it is working, with no problems…
Sincerely, I have no clue what is going on.

Thank you for your quick replies.