"+/-" Not printing

I just noticed the “+/-” text in my main font does not print using Rhino PDF. It display correctly on layouts, but in the RhinoPDF and all drivers except BMP preview windows it is replaced by a square. See attached. Font is Flux Architect.

As displayed in the layout.

As displayed in the Rhino print dialog.

my guess:
Flux Architect does not have this sign.
And missing Characters are handled different for the display (maybe simple replacement by Arial…)
then in the pdf (some more complex rule handled by the pdf viewer…)


showing as
really make sure that the font has this sign - extended ASCII 241, utf-8 hex b1

(does not look like on the first view…)

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Thanks for the info. I think you’re right. It seems Flux Architect is missing a lot of characters. On closer inspection, it looks like the +/- displayed is different from the other character style. I guess I’ll just have to type it as above.

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