Not intentionally cross posting

Someone who who offered to help suggested I post my question in the Serengeti Forum. I thought It’d go better in here.
Anyway, I was trying to figure out how to write a script to help draw the first 180 degrees of a sine wave from, 90 through 270 degrees, when I searched YouTube for Rhino Python tutorials. I found a series by Jose Sanchez and worked through them all but have no idea whats causing the Check New Objects dialog box to appear.

Rhino file from Tutorial 12:!AvbRThajlgqAhhhyBt3g4hE0FyHB

Python script from Tutorial 12 (may be a typo on my part):!AvbRThajlgqAhhlBZggY2vGsOc13

On the original idea, here’s something similar to what I was trying to learn how to script when I started viewing Jose Sanchez’s tutorials:!AvbRThajlgqAhhouWkRu7IsNxKvN

Any ideas? Thanks.


If I could delete this post and it’s duplicate in the Serengeti forum, I would. It was ill-conceived, poorly stated and went in two directions. My apologies. I’ll try to figure it out on my own. I’m nearly there, just had to sleep on it. I think I’ll use the graph of the Cosine function instead of the Sine function, and translate it up by it’s amplitude to get it all above the x-axis, then shrink it in half, plot it in Excel, save the points as a CSV, use that I found on my machine to import the points and connect the points with a curve.

I replied to your other post…