NormalizedLengthParameter for points on curve

NormalizedLengthParameter for points on curve gives zero for each point parameter on curve.
One of past post by @menno, I saw that, I will need to use Curve.RemoveShortSegments(tolarance)
I have used tolarance=0.0001 and also tried with 0.0. It did not work.
What should be the tolerance for Curve.RemoveShortSegments(…) ?

Hi @tsiddikee,

Can you post the curve in question?

– Dale

FYI, this is the extension method that we use for normalized length parameters to work around some of the issues.

public static double[] NormalizedLengthParameters2([NotNull] this Curve curve, double[] fractions, double absoluteTolerance, double fractionalTolerance = 1e-8)
	if (curve == null) throw new ArgumentNullException("curve");
	if (null == fractions) throw new ArgumentNullException("fractions");
	if (absoluteTolerance < 0) throw new ArgumentException("absoluteTolerance < 0");
	if (fractionalTolerance < 0) throw new ArgumentException("fractionalTolerance < 0");

	double[] t = curve.NormalizedLengthParameters(fractions, absoluteTolerance, fractionalTolerance);
	if (null == t)
		NurbsCurve copy = curve.ToNurbsCurve();
		if (null == copy)
			return null;
		using (copy)
			if (copy.RemoveShortSegments(absoluteTolerance))
				t = copy.NormalizedLengthParameters(fractions, absoluteTolerance, fractionalTolerance);

			if (copy.IsShort(absoluteTolerance))
				return fractions;

			if (null != t) 
				return t;
			t = new double[fractions.Length];
			for (int i = 0; i < fractions.Length; i++)
				double f = fractions[i];
				if (!copy.NormalizedLengthParameter(f, out t[i], fractionalTolerance))
					Logger.Error("Could not get normalized length parameters for curve.");
					t = null;
	return t;

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