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What is the problem in SIMPLIFY every component in grasshopper in the will of save processing power?

(Michael Pryor) #2

Do you mean the simplify option on component inputs and outputs?

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It has nothing to do with processing power. It just simplifies the data tree path addresses to remove unnecessary levels.


The data is transported (from output/source to input/target) in a structure called DataTree or Tree.
You can transport a data by the path {0} or any other path ({0;0;2;4;1}, {999}, {1}…).
You can transport a list of data via {0} or any other.
You can transport two or more data lists in two or more path, such as {0;0} and {0;1} or any other.
You can transport a data tree with any amount of data and organized in the path you want, for example in three branches {0;0;0}, {0;0;1}, {0;0;2}. Then, since the first two 0’s here are expendable, with “simplify” you have {0}, {1} and {2} for a simpler treatment. Just change the path, like changing a name or label, doesn’t change the data or how it’s structured (in principle) or anything else.

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oh, i see, thanks.
Im having a really struggle triyng to make this file lighter, but i relly dont know how.
Do u have any sugestion? (39.7 KB)


A lot of the weight has to do with the 3d voronoi component, I believe there’s a better one.
Metahopper has a tool for detecting bottlenecks.

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thanks a lot!