Noob q about joining and filleting? Yes

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to figure out how to

  1. match up corners of extruded objects, and
  2. fillet the join.

Before the objects are extruded, I can select all corners / points and move the object while using the points to snap.

However, once extruded, I can only snap to… centers? I think there’s a way to turn on all the points, but don’t remember. Haven’t been using Rhino too long.

Next, after they’re joined (or before, I guess, depending on how it’s done) I need a fillet between the two.

Perhaps making it trickier is that the plates are different heights.

join and fillet

What I’d like to do:




Hello - you can, assuming it is all extruded in one direction, do all of the work at the curve level, then extrude. For instance make one joined curve with ot without fillets and Offset to ge the wall thickness, then extrude,


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Hi Pascal - thanks -

I think it gets tricky trying to do it that way - here are the parts I’m trying to join with the fillet, along the edges nearest each other:

That said, maybe it would make sense to extrude the overall form & then cut it away?

Ah, yes, that is different. FilletSrf and some trimming is where I’d start. @user2834 - can you post a file with the two objects?


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Sure thing - I think I’ve made some progress, so this file contains some of the original shapes as well as an extruded version with some fillets.

test-shape.3dm (186.0 KB)

That looks OK - you might want to MergeAllCoplanarFaces to clean up. no matter how you go about it, this seems like a thing that is a bit messy to construct - something like this perhaps -


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