(NOOB BEGINNER) Best way to make the oval 3D shape of a round Mandolin?

Hello there, I’m a new Rhino user on Mac, and I’m trying to find the best way to create the shape of a round mandolin (German-style) by following the 2D designs I have in my possession. Can you please indicate me what’s the best way to create the round oval 3D shape of the back of this mandolin? What tools to use, and what process? I’ve been searching online for the best method to imitate the shape of the instrument, and until now I’ve been stuck on T-Splines, “patching”, loft, etc, but nothing seems to work for me.

Thanks a lot!!


Do your best then post the file.

Here’s how I would start-

  1. Split the side curve (shape of the body viewed from the top) in the middle so you have 2 symmetrical curves.
  2. In 3D perspective view extend the side curves and back profile to meet at a point somewhere farther up the neck.You will trim off the neck attachment plane later.
  3. Draw at least 3 or 4 section curves to control the back shape. These are the intersection of planes perpendicular to the top and 90 degrees to the mandolin centerline with your desired back shape. Make sure to snap to the back profile curve.
  4. NetworkSrf the section curves, side curves and back profile.
  5. Are you close now? Adjust the curves and run NetworkSrf again.
  6. Will the back be built with multiple bent slats? Intersect your back surface with a set of radial planes to generate the edges of the slats and Loft, or Sweep2 if slats are slightly hollow (scalloped back).
  7. Trim off the neck attachment plane at the desired angle for neck pitch
  8. Trim off the singularity (intersection point of the slats) at the tailblock end with the shape of the end plate you want.
    There are many ways to model this, I am just suggesting one possibility, not necessarily the best one for you. Ultimately you should experiment to find the best way that fits your design intent and modeling style.


I followed your technique and it worked great!! Thanks a lot for the help!! I wanted to design this so I can cut it with my CNC to make a mandolin mold to build the instrument around it!

Thanks again!


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Glad it worked out.