Nonstandard loft

Hi everyone. Help me please. Perhaps this question has already been asked, but i did not find.
How can I build a nonstandard loft or swip from a closed curve (for exampe circle) and curve, beginning and ending on this closed curve.
Thank you!
nolostantart (12.7 KB)
Something similar is obtained if i use “sweep”. I mean the bottom part

nolostantart (4.8 KB)


You can create revolution with domain 0 to Pi

This is a very good idea! But what if the closed curve is not a circle. Then, it will not be possible to get the surface by revolution.

So you want a dome where the base is the closed curve and the other curve is a sort of guide curve?

This looks like something the new XNurbs plugin for Rhino can do… it allows you to select boundary curves and interior curves and creates nice surfaces.

Seeing as the XNurbs plugin is £350 I guess this is not quick and easy to do in GH or Rhino.


nolostantart (10.4 KB)

like this?