Nonmanifold edges detected in input may have caused Boolean Union to Fail

Dear Rhino Users,
I am trying to boolean-union the pieces of a lattice structure to a single geometry for the stress analysis. I got an error “NON-MANIFOLD EDGES DETECTED IN INPUT MAY HAVE CAUSED BOOLEAN TO FAIL.”
Do you have any recommendations to transform the geometry to a single one?

Non-manifold edges typically occur when three or more edges coincide and are joined. Rhino usually tries to prevent the creation of non-manifold edges. Was the geometry imported from other software?

Can you upload a .3dm file with the geometry which has the problem? Files can be upload here using the vertical arrow above the are where you type a post.

test_1.3dm (10.3 MB) @karamba3d @scanandsolve

Here I uploaded my geometry consists of line segments. I tried to join all the separate lines, then make pipes, then join or boolean union. I understood that I need a single geometry for the analysis with karamba or scan and solve. What do you suggest?

Where did the failure occur? Can you provide a file with only the relevant lines and pipes?

Here for example union or join failed.

I created the line segments in rhino with a python code.

SelBadObjects shows a number of the pipes have problems.

For analysis as a beam structure in Karamba3D you only need the middle axis of the elements as sets of straight line segments. These lines need to have common endpoints where they intersect in order to get the connectivity right.

@karamba3d Could you recommend me how to progress for the structural analysis? my GH definition and 3dm are attached.

the structural system buckles under the given loads in 1008 modes.

TEST1.3dm (937.1 KB) (41.5 KB)