Nondestructive detailing of models

Hi Holger, you are probably right, this might be the more correct story here.

BTW, I grabbed that messy/sliced-up model yesterday and started making it into a cleaned, more design/form-editable one. No door/trims/lights cuts. Just creases and floating trim objects. I want to finish this soon and start using it to get @andy & @theoutside start thinking about non-destructive detailing with projected shutlining curves. They could be mesh edges/edge loops. Or arbitrary projections that do not follow the poly flow.

Here is a WIP:

this is what it looked like before:

lots of extra loops that mame teh model puffy, it breaks continuities and has gaps that are sloppy and doughy. This would be impossible to massage into a different design. Which is what I want to explore with non-destructive detailing.

…yeah I know my headlights are more Bentley than Audi. I just can’t bring myself to make those ugly Camaro rectangles.

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quoting myself over here. This is a test making a weight map to a selection of edges. then tweak the map to be black and white and use it to drive displacement in the model. It’s a very nerdy process and slow to render compared to shutligning but it’s a good proof of concept I think:

That’s Alias? Last time I used it was in a pizza box.

All those tests are Modo. No one can pay me enough to ever go back to Alias. Still have scars from it.

It’s MODO, man!

I was holding off getting Modo for a while due to it’s price of $1700+ … but I just discovered they have changed their policy. You can now get an educational version for $140 per year. That’s perfect for jumping in and learning at my own pace.

I’m always impressed by what Gustavo has produced.

Yeah Dave it makes sense to jump in. Also I think you might be able to get your Vray license to work since Modo has a Vray plugin.

Impressed? I only share hacks and random stuff on the interwebs. But yeah Modo is a bit tricky & high-maintenance, but very useful.