Non-uniform UV Mesh?

Dear experts,

Is there a way to explicitly specify a list of U and/or V points to generate a mesh of quads from a surface using GH´s Mesh Surface (Mesh UV) component or any other?

Mesh UV, Diagrid, and GridBraced2D work only for uniform U and V subdivisions. For example, I need a mesh of quads with different V spacing, i.e. non-uniform.


Subdivide your surface to obtain the non-uniform points.
Create a flat mesh with correct U and V face count, then deconstruct the mesh and reconstruct it using original face list but the surface points instead of original vertexes.

If you can provide some example of non-uniform subdivision it is a simple step to make the mesh.


Some other things to check out.

If you have the points already check out Mesh From Points from Mesh Edit.

If you want to directly make a non-uniform mesh check out Parameter Surface Mesh or Parameter Plane Mesh from Pufferfish.

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