Non-textured color fields fail to persist on macos

There appears to be an issue on macos Rhino 6 (6.24.20079.23332, 2020-03-19), where non-textured color fields do not retain their values after being changed. To repro:

  1. put the following class into a plugin and build for macos
  2. open Rhino and create a TestEnvironment
  3. set the Test Color to some value
  4. change the value of the Test Double
  5. on update, Test Color will go back to gray

The same can be observed using the SampleCsRdkMaterialAutoUI class if you change the “color” field to non-textured.

public class TestEnvironment : RenderEnvironment
    public override string TypeName        => "TestEnvironment";
    public override string TypeDescription => "TestEnvironment";

    public TestEnvironment()
        Fields.Add("testDouble", 1.234567, "Test Double");
        Fields.Add("testColor", Color.Gray, "Test Color");

    protected override void OnAddUserInterfaceSections()
        AddAutomaticUserInterfaceSection("Parameters", 0);

@nathanletwory, is this something you can help with?