Non proportional scale

Not sure what the best title is for this question… What I want to do is exaggerate/emphasize the z access and leave the x and y as they are, so that I can spot a problem with a mesh. Is that possible?

ETA: OK so it’s ScaleNU… not sure how to undo yet though if anyone can help?

And ETA again… I think the undo is to just scale back e.g. if I did ScaleNU x=1,y=1,z=4, then wanted to undo, I’d do a scaleNU x=1,y=1,z=0.25…

What you describe should definitely work, especially if you remember at undo time what scale factor you originally used. :wink: Keep in mind that if it’s just to take a look and the next thing you want to do is scale back, you can just use the “undo” button.

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Scale1D will also work.

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Or scale 2D < 1 over the xy plane


Thanks everyone!