Non-planar Spiral Toolpaths

Hi all,

I would really love any suggestions on this matter: I’m trying to generate a continuous spiral toolpath (for 3D printing) from a series of non-planar curves as shown in the image.

My method for turning planar curves into spirals has been to divide the curves into a series of points, get the difference from the lowest to the highest point and divide into how many total points there are. This way the z-height gets spread equally across all, which doesn’t work if the curves aren’t flat.

Attached is a script that shows my usual method, and contains the non-planar curves to the right of the image.

Thanks again for any help or suggestions, I’m a bit stumped thinking about another possible approach.


non planar (21.8 KB)

Something like this?
non planar spirals (18.7 KB)


Yes! That’s amazing. Thank you so much.

So simple, by evaluating each curve in slight increments you creep your way around them. I wish I had thought of that.