Non planar circular surface


I would like to create circular surfaces like the ones in the picture but can’t get it to work because the snake-like structure I want them to follow is not planar. Help me out please! Thx in advance

how did you create the grid on the flat part? manually? to get what you need you have several options, one which involves FlowAlongSrf, the other ArrayCrvOnSrf or ArraySrf depending on how you want your holes (grid) to look like. on the inspector panel on the right of your user interface you have a question mark (?) if you click on it and start any of those commands you get a brief explanation on how to use them.


What I finally did was to UnrollSrf, the entire surface. Then drew the whole grid on it. Then FlowAlongSrf. Trim where I trimmed away the entire surface and only kept the circle surfaces. And then finally I just pasted back the entire surface which I had copied before I trimmed. This worked fine but feels like there must be a smoother way to do it. I not only want the circles to be curves but also surfaces and that’s what my issue here is. I know how to project the curves on the surface. Would ArrayCrvOnSrf or ArraySrf then work? Would they follow the snake-like surface?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Have a look at the Squish and SquishBack commands. in THIS thread I used it to create a stair-like curve on a spiral surface, I think it serves your purpose as well.

Edit: I re-read your post, and noticed it is surfaces you want to project, Squishback only does curves, so you will have to copy-trim-paste in the same way as you did before. Have a look anyway, it also works on double-curved surfaces.


Exactly, my issue was surfaces. But I managed to figure it out :slight_smile:
Thank you anyway, all knowledge is valuable!