Non-perpetual Licenses on LanZoo and CloudZoo for Plug-In


Our company is thinking of using the LANzoo and cloudZoo to let our users administer their Rhino-Plug-Ins in a central location. However, we are planning to provide our software for a limited time (rent for a year), rather than providing a perpetual license.

Therefore, we were wondering, if it is generally possible to make a license “expire” at a certain date in the LanZoo and CloudZoo environment, since McNeel licenses are perpetual licenses. Does the system support this feature?


Cloud Zoo supports licenses that expire at a pre-specified time. Rhino evaluation licenses, for example, can be used with Cloud Zoo – these expire 90 days from the date they were issued.

I believe it’s possible with LAN Zoo, but I’ll let @dale confirm!

The LAN Zoo’s license data structure has a DateToExpire property that your plug-in can evaluate and then determine a course of action.

– Dale

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This was very helpful information.
Thank you both.