Non Manifold and Boolean issues

Hey guys, back again after a long break. Great to be reading the forums again.

I have been having issues creating a boolean union between these shapes, picture followed. After awhile I got the two to connect, but now when i analyse the shape it claims that there are 6 non manifold edges.

I’m confused because all I am doing is sweep1 around a simple bent circle with a 1 mm square.

I’m thinking for the boolean issues I just need to change tolerances, but I would lie if i said I have some what of an idea about these things.

Thank you for the help.

Rhinoceros Corporate ?

My guess is that the non-manifolds are attached to the interior surface(s) between the two parts- these surfaces should be eliminated, if I am looking at your image correctly.


Correct as always. Thank you

You are using a pirated copy of Rhino. There is no version called “Rhino Corporate.” It is a clear indicator that the software is cracked and illegal.

If this is your work or school computer, you should notify the IT department immediately.

It turns out that there were, at some point, some legitimately ‘corporate’ Rhinos. It is also, but not exclusively, an indication of a pirated copy.


Really?! I had never heard this before. Wow. Was it a particular version; 4 or 5?

The reason I am so interested is that I get customer support questions from my lynda courses. I get these messages that say, “The settings you have do not work. What am I missing?” I usually find out they are running Rhino Corporate.

I always assumed that the security / serial number hacking in Rhino Corporate removes some random functionality, especially with plug-ins like V-Ray.