Non euclidian geometry

how would I code something like this in 3d?

Nice shape. But why using Grasshopper ? This tool is for parametric design. What are your parameters? Rough shapes?

We’re supposed to be using grasshopper for our basic design class. do you think it would be easier to do this in rhino? I thought I could do this by putting ellipsoids together but I couldn’t do it in grasshopper .

Ok I understand it is an assignment. To to this kind of shape there are many strategies.
If shapes is quite defined Rhino with SubD is surely the way to go.
If you want to change the diameters some heights … here are some ideas
Work with a skeleton (curve, brep …) that are transformed to volume with tools like Dendro (Cocoon was nice but it is now an old tool) then the mesh is smoothed
Or work with Metaballs.

Non-Euclidean is probably inappropriate here. The term means something cannot fit in a R^3 manifold.

I think Freeform is better.

My approach would be to use several ellipsoids joined together, followed by EdgesCvx to fillet the concave edge intersections. You can scale the ellipsoids in one dimension to squish them into non-circular cross sections.

or grasshopper multipipe

a simple metaballs in grasshopper was always something i was wondering about. without further plugin that does not seem to be possible either.

Here a way with Dendro and some smoothing

First make some rough shapes, curves, brep

Make points

Use Dendro
Offset, smooth … Smooth, offset …
Quadremesh smooth … (105.7 KB)