Is there a manual or a tutorial that explains how NoFoldThrough works?
Extra: Same for Combine&Clean. Does this only work for the meshes before the iterations start?

Thank you.

Combine & Clean should work for a mesh regardless of which side of the solver it’s on. It’s best to use it before the solver as it will help yield the right results.

NoFoldThrough follows the hinge component to keep a mesh from folding through on itself (if you don’t want it do that).

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Thank you very much! I don’t need Combine&Clean before, rather as it goes through the iteration and vertices connect. Is there something for that?
Oh, I see. I don’t want to use Hinge(I have quad meshes). I just want my meshes to stop from passing through each other. Is there a component you would suggest for that?

I’m not sure what you mean when you say ‘as it goes through the iteration and vertices connect’,

Do you have a file you could post?