NodeInCode Error with DivideCurve Python Components

I’m upgrading old legacy ghpython components to the new IronPython type using GH_IO and for a specific component I have that uses DivideCurve via NodeInCode functionality I get the error Parameter count mismatch but when using an “out of the box” Iron Python 2 Script component this works fine.

The line of code I’m trying to test in the component using is:

    print(ghc.DivideCurve(crv, 10, False))

I’m guessing it’s how this specific component was written using GH_IO but I’m not sure? So, I added some output for looking at the XML of the component and I’m not sure if there’s anything significant there that would be causing the issue. They share the same ComponentGuid, inputs, type hints, outputs etc.

Any help understanding why these behave differently would be very appreciated. I’ve attached the definition I’m using to test this issue. (28.1 KB)

Just to confirm I tried to run this on a Python 3 Script component and had the same issue with the following code:

from ghpythonlib import components as ghc
print(ghc.DivideCurve(crv, 10, False))

@bfrederick Which Rhino version is this?

Hey @eirannejad I’m using 8.8.24142.13001

I put a fix in the next 8.8 RC: