Node source code

What documentation can I read about a grasshopper nodes?

I discover Rotate node. And it’s help message is not informative enough for me.

May be Rotate source code is open and I can address all the questions to it? How to check it out?

Will be glad for any advices!

“node” also known as “component”. Source code generally not available.

Like most components, try it or see it used in someone’s GH model.

Usually, the trick is understanding the data trees that feed any component’s inputs.

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The help for most objects is little more than a collection of tooltip texts. There are various resources online, but sadly nothing official.

If you are just learning Grasshopper, this is a very good introductory resource.

Since you request a source code, I assume you can read and possibly write code. That said, using scripting components you can create your own rotate component.