Node numbering

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I am trying to model a reciprocal frame by setting up nodes and then connecting them via IndToBeam. However, I’m getting stuck at numbering the nodes. I constructed points at the right locations and am now aiming to model the beams between the right nodes, but I do not understand how to number the nodes I created. Therefore, I cannot model the beams since it needs the starting and end index number of the nodes. Can someone help me out?

Hi, each node has a unique number (in its list order), and you should make sure to not have any duplicate points. Then you can refer to this component to use the node indexes to define a beam


Hi Matthew,

I understand that each node has a unique number, but I’m wondering how I find these indexes? As shown below, first I have assembled all the nodes in a model. From there I’d like to assign the beams between the correct nodes, but I do not know how to receive the node numbers. In my Rhino, these are still unnumbered points.



Do you know the answer?



Hi Wouter,

you can use the PointList component (Point List - Grasshopper Display - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs) to display the order of your points.

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