Node in Code issue

Hi all,
I am finding the python call in capabilities pretty cool, especially the “node in code”.
I was wondering how to output data which has no out put at all…
in my case “Texttag” and preview…for now i m trying to tag text data to a would i do that ???

Thank u.

Hi Shridhar,

Components like “text tag”, “custom preview”, “vector display” are not currently supported in node-in-code, even though you can access their functions.

how can i do it otherways ???
acess their function ?? can u explain Djordje.??

You either have to use the native grasshopper “text tag” component or come up with some custom display conduit solution.

By “accessing their functions” I mean: calling component’s function from ghpythonlib module:

import ghpythonlib.components as ghc

a = ghc.TextTag(l,t,c)

Thank u Djordje. :smile:

@djordje I have input the same command but the text is not showing in the rhino. How do I do?

Thanks in advance. Vijesh

Hi @vijesh

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Any alternate while using GH Python?

Hi @vijesh
The link below has a python example code of display conduit.

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