Nobody needs Helix command

The Helix command is superfluous because Spiral command does everything (and more) than the Helix command.

Nobody needs the Line command because the Polyline command does everything it does and more…


On the contrary, the Line command has several useful options that do not exist in the Polyline command. (I have just discovered normal option.)

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Ok, I’ll bite. Why are there 2 apparently identical commands?


monkeybite? :smiley: well they are not fully identical, in matters of speed if you use 100reds of helixes you may be faster off using the helix command, to make a parallel helix with spiral seems not so easy. but i agree that there are many commands which if rethought could be compressed to one while still being equally fast, rhino has simply too many similar tools. maybe thats a general ancient cad dilemma. if i look at sketch up which i do not like working with but which i found fancy in matters of how fast something can be build up and how little commands one uses than i think there could be a lot of playground to rethink usability.

Cleaning up the clutter is not a bad idea. New users need it simplified and combining tools is a step in the right direction.

Same goes for all of the extrude commands, straight, tapered, to point, along curve, and with curve or surface as input.

Rebuild is an example of a command that was separate for curves and surfaces, and has now been merged to one. An improvement in my opinion.

One of my “merged tools” wishes is for loft, sweep1, sweep2 and networksrf. You can see the proposal here:

This isn’t necessarily meant as a replacement, but more an efficiency tool for form-finding and for newer users.


Woooooooooot, thank you, mister!!!

Hi Holo, what about trim/split commands could they be on one button , or consolidated somehow?

Hehe … right.

BTW … looks like nobody also needs a RuledSrf command because Loft already does that …
so I had to write a script to be able to draw ruled surfaces without extra clicks …:unamused:

IIRC, ubercommands have been already tried … without so much success.
IIRC again … they were pretty uncomfortable to use.

Let the command set grow. :slight_smile:
I’d rather have separate commands that do clearly separate things than have complex commands that try to do several different things.
And if some redundancy appears … who cares ? Just don’t use what you don’t need.
( And let other people use it … )

I prefer having more that one way to to things …
( Yeah, I understand that it’s a matter of mind-set …
I like Perl’s philosophy’s_more_than_one_way_to_do_it … although I don’t like as much Perl its self :smile: )

Just my 2 Euro Cents …


About using the Line command …
My tiny brain expects the Ortho mode to allow the vertical direction … and is disappointed to realize that we need a custom command option for that …


It is easy.

I agree.

I agree. The vertical direction would be useful in perspective projection only.

easier than with helix?

type numbers

sorry its faster with helix, typing numbers…chee