.no6 for user objects

is there any way to temporary disable the loading of user objects?
For example if put user objects in a folder called .no6 or noLoad and they won’t be loaded?

it’s probably a niche usage, but it’d be nice if I can selectively load user objects without deleting them or moving them out of the user object folder.

Hi, I think if you rename these files-endings, they will not being loaded. You can also automatically move them. For such a case, I would write a PowerShell script. Reading from a given *.include (or *.exclude) file to activate or reactive a set of user objects. Of course, you could automate it in various other ways, but learning and applying a bit of PowerShell is absolutely great when working with Windows PC’s. So it will definitely be a win-win. The learning curve of PowerShell is a bit steep, but it is much easier than learning a programming language. And there are great resource on YouTube.