No way to use Version 6


(Jeff Lasor) #21

Can you post a simple scene file (.3dm) along with a screenshot of your “Rendered” view so that we can at least confirm you’re seeing something you shouldn’t…

Basically just maximize your Perspective view, set the view to “Rendered” display mode, save the file, screenshot Rhino, and post the file and screenshot. That way when we just open your file, we’ll be looking at exactly what you took a screenshot of…and we can compare results.



'What I’m seeing looks like that.

Here’s the file:

Rendered_01.3dm (352.2 KB)


@rfritz thank you for the idea. But I’m still with John Brock .
To me it makes also more sense to purchase a whole (in my case, used) notebook with continuous driver support, rather than buying a graphic card and fumble it into the computer. Regarding the whole picture I think it is better to sell the Notebook as it is to somebody who is happy to use it the way it is.
But meanwhile I still like to get the best out of what I’m having.

(Jeff Lasor) #24

That’s exactly what I see here too…

…and it’s because you’ve Environment mapped the texture in the material…and that’s just the nature of the beast with environment mapping if/when you supply an image that doesn’t conform/comply with the rules of environment mapping (i.e. you’re using a simple planar texture).

If I use the same image as the Diffuse texture, here’s what I get…

…which I think is more what you’re expecting. If you want to use Environment mapping, then these are examples of what those types of images should look like.

This is a spherical EMap:

This is a Equirectangular map:

Both types are supported by the Environment channel in the material, and Rhino will detect which kind you’re using and adjust accordingly.

So as far as I can tell, your system is working fine and Rhino is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing.



Thank you Jeff,
should have watched the UV mapping in v5 Rhino once again before I ask you to figure out.
Would have made it.

With the none appearing wireframe I can live so far. Since I hardly use it.
If that remains the only bug with my weak driver I’m happy.

Thanks to you all Rhino is fun again!