No updates again

I’m getting McNeel service is unavailable in the updates and usage.
This has happened countless times during the beta and now is showing up again.


In Windows Services, is the McNeel Update Service running?

Hi John,

No it was stopped. I right clicked on it and set it to on and now it’s working again. But I never set it to stop and it was working about a month ago.
Thanks for your fast help I looked in task manager earlier but neglected to look in services. Any idea why this would happen?

I could guess, but that wouldn’t help much.

I’m pretty sure it has to do with the Windows components it relies on.
If some Windows update fails so our tool can’t start, then later the system is sorted out, then maybe through some external magic, the service is set to not automatically start.

If yours was set to automatically start, then the Windows tools it needed weren’t running when it tried to launch.
If after rebooting, if the service is not started again, you can set it to a delayed start which might help.