No tweening options for named view animation?

Are there no tweening options for named view animations?

The only tweening option for Named View Animation can be found in the Bongo View Properties panel.

Either Spherical tweening is either enabled (default) or disabled. An illustration of the difference in behavior can be found in Bongo’s Help or on
When Spherical Tweening is disabled the View Animation acts like the default Cardinal Spline tweening of an Object holding Position data with 3D-tweening enabled.

Names View Animation is a low-threshold fast way of view animation especially good for architectural walk- or fly-through animations. When more enhanced control is wanted the named view’s keyframe can be converted into a full-detailed View Transform via the keyframe Editor.

Hence every single parameter has its own tweeningsettings.

Make sure “Only show animated parameters” is disabled to get access to the complete parameter set.