No surface objects to export (to STL)

When I try to export block instances to STL, then I get:

No surface objects to export.

I can work around this with ExplodeBlock, then export, and then Undo, but that’s not a nice solution.

Background: I am preparing an STL file for printing by Shapeways, and I have a lot of small objects that repeat. That’s why I made use of blocks.

Hi Felix- my quick test seems to work OK- I made a box, Blocked the box and successfully exported it to stl. Can you post or send me an example that does not work, via



Thanks for checking, Pascal!

I am using an old 90 days evaluation version of Rhino 5. Possibly it was a bug back then, that has since been fixed.

(As said before, a rental version of Rhino would be great for us hobbyists, that cannot afford a full version.)