No surface objects to export (to .STL)


I’m trying to export our logo to a .stl file type, so I can print it. But when I try to export the .dwg file to .stl I receive an error: No surface objects to export (to STL)

What I’m doing wrong?
Thank you.

If you only have curves in your dwg file, you will have to surface these (and extrude) to make an object that can be meshed. The STL format supports only meshes.

The STL supports meshes only so you need to have surfaces ( I am not sure if 2D or 3D) or solids.
I suppose the dwg file contains curves only.

Any tutorials on how I do that? I tried to search on google, but I’m not sure if what I found is okay.

I received my logo from the graphician in the .ai format, but when I tried to import it, it said that there are no objects to load, so I converted in .dwg format.

If you have curves, use the ExtrudeCrv command with the Solid=Yes option.

Chances are that the curves are a mess, though. You can always attach a file here for someone to take a look.

I’ll try that and I’ll let you know if it worked.

I attached the files here: If someone can take a look, would be great.

Hi Bogdan- you’ll still have some work to do to create the solids but at least Rhino will open this one-
logo cv AMA (60.8 KB)