No status bar


I do not have a status bar and cannot figure out how to turn it on. I’m sure its some really easy thing but nevertheless….Also, I’m still using Rhino 5.0.
I can’t open OPTIONS because that isn’t available on 5.0. It doesn’t appear in Settings or Preferences either. ANy help is appreciated.


There is no status bar identical to Windows on Mac. Some of the items like ortho, planar, gumball and the layers panel are in the top window border. Coordinates are on the bottom window border to the right…



Thanks. I guess I knew that but I can’t find the ortho icon. Anywhere.Gumball is in the active tools palette but not Ortho. Where is it so I can turn it on/off?

Thanks again.


Should be in the upper left corner… If it’s not showing, check in Preferences>Themes, there should be a way to show it - I don’t remember exactly how and I don’t have a Mac with me at the moment…



Typing the letter o and enter is an alternative. ‘o’ is listed in the default-aliases list (Preferences > Aliases).



Thank you. Finally got it!