No secure subcategories?

It seems that it is not possible to change the security on a sub-category.

For example, if the parent is “mcneel” only, the child category is always “everyone” no matter what.

The interface makes it look like it is changing but it doesn’t actually save that setting to anything but “everyone”

Any ideas @sam or @discourse? .

I think there may be something wrong with the UI for setting subcategories in this current build of discourse. If I go to

and try to edit the category; the settings page says that there is no parent category even though the rest of discourse shows that flamingo is a child of the rendering category.

This is super weird, I just went to that link and it looks correct to me. Am I missing something?

Yes, it is super weird. Everything appears to be working for me now too.

The subcategory access also works for me if I understand Bob’s description of what he was experiencing.

@bobmcneel are you still seeing the problem you stated in the original post here?

Try changing the Security on PaperCuts to McNeel only

Done. I think I see where you may have gotten caught up. The user interface isn’t super clear that you need to click the little X next to ‘everyone’ when editing permissions.