No Right Click Menu Materials Panel V7 WIP

Using V7 WIP, latest release. When I right click in the material panel, normally a pop up sub menu appears, it is not popping up when I click on a material and right click ?

I believe that popup menu is for Panel : Materials. You are looking in Properties: Material.

ah yes, this is different from V6, confusing but good to know :+1:

Hmm, but if it did work in v6 then I think this is a regression. I haven’t used v6 in a while, so I probably forget :slight_smile:

I’ll log it for @maxsoder :

Hmm, I’ll leave it to @maxsoder to further comment, but in my further testing in WIP: context menu works when you have an actual material selected, but not in that dropdown menu of materials.

So I guess it is about the popup menu when right-clicking on a material in that dropdown box.

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This is now fixed:

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… and will be available with the next BETA build :slight_smile:

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