NO Results from Non-linear Newton Raphson

Hello @karamba3d,

I was working on a couple of structures out of which the attached dome is one of the structures where I tried to use a non-linear analysis method. But I obtain no result. In some of the other structures, I tried as well no result is obtained. Could you please explain why does this occur?

Thanks and Regards,
Veronika Phadtare

shell.3dm (75.6 KB) (88.1 KB)

Could someone please explain? I am curious to know.

Hi @veronika.phadtare,

we are looking to see where the bug lies. Please proceed to our Nightlybuilds to update to the latest build of 1.3.3


Hello Matthew,

Thanks for this information.

Veronika Phadtare

Hi @veronika.phadtare,

sorry, I meant to reply to your other thread in regards to this question. In some cases the Non Linear analysis will not converge (as stated in the manual). This component is still WIP and we will take a look at your definition to see if we can debug it.

Hello Mathew,

Oh. okay sure let me know.