No redraw of panels on second monitor until I click on a panel's tab

Small bug that didn’t get fixed in the last sr, I don’t know if it was reported? Panels aren’t redrawing on my second monitor unless I click a tab first then all is ok.

I move the panels onto my second monitor
If I double click them to bring them back to my original monitor
they dock on the left side.
But when I double click to get the panels to go automatically back to my second monitor where they were positioned only half of the active panel gets redrawn. I have to click a tab on the panels to get the panels to redraw properly.


Hi Roland,

Thanks for this report. I’ll need to get a dual monitor set up running to test this out. @JohnM, have you seen this if you happen to have a second monitor running?

Hi John,
I’m now on Chrome so I can now post files, here are a couple of screen shots.
Thanks for taking a look,
Windows Vista, 32bit RhinoV5 latest SR

Two things, didn’t know you could do that with a double click. Pretty cool. Secondly, this doesn’t require two screens for this to happen (or at least, the panel getting restored doesn’t need to go to the second screen to see the effect, I have two screens and didn’t turn off the second, but it appears that the two screenedness isn’t part of it).

The area that is getting redrawn is the width of the panel in the docked state. So here, when I dock it on the left, make it rather narrow, then restore with a double click, only the area visible when it is docked will be drawn. It doesn’t matter what screen it is getting restored to.


Thanks Roland and Sam,

I have reproduced this here and filed the issue as RH-20590. This report is not publicly visible at this time.

I was misunderstanding what was being done and indeed it can be seen on a single monitor as Sam pointed out. If you have a docked panel collection and double click the top edge to float that collection, the floated arrangement only redraws at the width of what was docked.

Thank you again for the testing and feedback.

I tried the following:

  1. Displayed the Layers, Properties and Libraries tabs in a container docked on the right side of a maximized Rhino
  2. Dragged the docked container to my second monitor
  3. Made sure the floating container was narrower than the docked version
  4. Double clicked on the title bar to get it to dock in its previous position
  5. Double click the gripper at the top of the docked container to float the container
  6. Repeated steps 4 and 5 several times

I was not able to see the gray area on my Windows 8 computer but I heard there may be another developer in the building who can reproduce this so I will see if I can track it down. Are those the correct steps to reproduce the problem?

  • John

Hi John,

Reverse this step… make the docked panel collection narrow and then float it via double clickery. No need for a second monitor either.

That did the trick, the gray patch is visible when it is floating now, I will see if I can figure out what might be causing the problem.

I was able to track down the problem in the panel re-sizing code and fix it. The fix is in the internal trunk build which will become SR6.