No preview while creating solid text



Solid text in V6 doesn’t give you a preview on the dialog like V5

I wanted a preview of which fonts contain recycle symbols, with V5 you can scroll through the fonts and get a preview, V6 doesn’t seem to have this feature.

Thanks Mark

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Mark - this is what you mean , is that correct, the scrolling part specifically?



Hi Pascal, Yes but the bigger problem is the text preview doesn’t change to give you an idea of how the selected font looks. In my example I used Windows Character Map to copy all the recycle characters and paste into Rhino, in V5 scrolling through the fonts the preview changes to a blank box for fonts without those characters, V6 just displayed them and when I hit OK the solids were generated even though that font didn’t support them.

Thanks Mark

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Mark - I see, yes, I may have complained about this before as well - one side effect of the rich text support is that text must be selected in order to show changes in font because otherwise this applies to the next character typed. At least that is what I think is happening. I can see the logic there, possibly, but what makes this really painful is that if you select some text and change the font, it refreshes, showing the correct font but it de-selects the text so you have to start over to see a different font. Does that correspond with what you see?



Hi Pascal, I’d tried highlighting the text before and with the recycle characters it doesn’t seem to work correctly, it does with normal text.

♼♲♽♳♴♼♲♽♳♴ Try pasting these, highlight and select Arial that doesn’t support them, in V5 you get boxes in V6 they don’t change.

One more small problem is the preview is small, any way to increase the size?


(Pascal Golay) #6

Hi Mark - here, I do get these in Arial.

Interesting that if I repeat the command the ‘remembered’ text is


But they do look right as Rhino curves…



Did you try in Rhino 5 or another program because they are not in Arial on either of my PCs.

I think the conversion to Unicode you’re seeing is because of copying from the forum, copying from Windows character map doesn’t have that problem.


(Pascal Golay) #8

Hi Mark - yeah, I don’t say they are part of Arial, only that if I paste them and Arial is current, they work in TextObject in V6, and in V5 not, as you suggest, just boxes. Presumably this is also from RichText support, maybe? I see that it seems to take what is pasted as is and not pay attention to the current font… I guess that is what you’re reporting, really, right?



Hi Pascal,

My initial complaint was that the font didn’t seem to update when you picked another one, I see now I was mislead because that only happens when characters aren’t supported. Changing unsupported characters to boxes can be more useful as at least you can ignore that font.

Is there no way to increase the size ot the preview though, I can hardly make these out in V6

Thanks Mark