No Preview on Aligned Blocks?

It’s seems that Rhino will not give much of any preview when trying to align blocks.
I have a bearing block with a point in it. When I try to align the block, Only the point shows.

Hello - I do not see that here in a simple test so far - the Align command shows me my blocks in the preview. Does this happen in every case for you?


Perhaps they have to be complicated enough to cause it. I am trying to align a block with a roller bearing in in. It’s not greatly complicated, but it’s not a cube either.

I am sorry my reply took so long. I didn’t not mean to be disrespectful to one of the most helpful people on this forum, ever. I’ve been waking up early to go to the store for things, things like the allergy medicine have been on for 3 weeks, which is apparently inhibiting my ability to best devise a way to demonstrate the problem. : )

Anyway, here’s the file. You can insert the bearing and try aligning it.Insert Bearing and Align.3dm (1.7 MB)

It looks like the difficulty affects the (reverted to original) Ghosted display mode. Wireframe and certain rendered/shaded mods seem to work. Here you see the 3 points of the block being aligned, alone. The Perspective view appears to work–unless you change that to Ghosted. Then, if fails, too.