No objects seen when opening SolidWorks file

I received a SolidWorks SLDASM-file and some SLDPRT-files from a friend, but when I open the SLDASM-file (Succesfully, Rhino says) I see no objects.

I have the SLDASM-file and the SLDPRT-files in the same folder
(My friend had the files in separate folders, which paths I do not know)

I have no problems opening each SLDPRT-file individually.

What am I missing?

I am afraid you’ll have to ask your friend about the way he keeps the SW files, better yet - to save you a copy of SLDASM in the same directory as SLDPRT-files.

Hi Niels- That seems like it ought to work, with the part files in the same folder as the assembly - any chance you can share the files with us via


Thank you, Pascal…

I uploaded one of the SLDRPRT-files and the SLDASM-file.

(I had a upload problem with server 503-error, but I think it worked now.)

Hi Niels - it looks like maybe there are other sldasm files, sub-assembly files, expected as well, between the top level and the sldprt file you sent- is that possible?