No objects loading into Rhino 6 from Rhino 5 file

Just tried loading a few files that our company created awhile back into Rhino 6. Despite the thumbnail preview and the file size, the file appears completely empty, even when I try to select all and show anything that’s hidden. There also isn’t anything in the Block Manager. I have attached one of the files that’s behaving this way.

[Test.3dm|attachment](uploaTest.3dm (2.9 MB) d://uYUNEQ4Y8qAzjKvfOy7yvVHLcu2.3dm) (2.9 MB)

Nothing appears when I open the file in Rhino 5 for Windows or Rhino 6 for Windows.

Good to know there’s nothing showing up in Rhino 5 either… So now I’m confused. Cause there’s data and a thumbnail. We have a few of these files.

Hi - yes, there’s a thumbnail - but that must be from a previous version somehow.
You can run the Audit command when you have the file open or the Audit3dmFile when not and see what actually is in the file. In this case, definitely not any geometry.