No longer Parent-Child sides in SubD "Reflect"?

Now an action in one side is reflect on the other, this happening in both master and slave sides,
(no more Parent and Child sides)
Is this supposed to happen ?. No problem for me


Just repeat the Reflect command if you notice it. Happened to me several times as well.

Thank you for the tip

Topological changes can be done on the master side only. Transformations can be done on both sides. For instance when using the Gumball to extrude a face, you only get a dot to pull at on the master side.

Thank you for the clarifications, but if I remember well, even transformations were not possible on the Child side before

Yes, in the beginning you could only edit the master side. I think this might change and at some point everything can be done on both sides.

may I suggest “parent child” as opposed to “master slave”.

Is it not well past time to retire that particular relationship reference?

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Indeed Kyle, thank you for the suggestion, already changed the title.
I also felt that way, but the little gray cells failed to come with an alternative.
(as an engineer the words are still much used in systems)

Thanks for helping make our community a welcoming space for everyone.


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So… what, exactly, are we now saying about parents and children?


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whatever that may be it’s better then the other phrase…

In the Reflect command it only says primary side. Topological changes can be done on the primary side only, whereas transformations can be done on both sides.

Since we’re talking about the Reflect command, I’d appreciate the addition of a welding threshold.


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