No key found eror

hi there i have problem with installing matrix9 in windows
oi install aplication but now when i want to open it there is an eror massage that says: no key found
what can i do please help me

If the error is coming from Matrix; and it sounds like it is, you’ll need to contact Stuller/Gemvision support.

I’m not aware of any error worded like that coming from Rhino.

Perhaps a screenshot would be instructive.


i use cracked version and when i started the program as administrator this message shows up

I’m certainly not going to help you with a cracked version of anything.
I can’t find a Rhino license on your email address either.
I hope you come to your senses and participate legally and honestly.

Good day.

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wish you merry christmast
if you were from iran you would know what troubles im facing :wink:
thank you anyway

I’m sorry you’re in a difficult situation.
I have several good friends that left Iran in the 1980’s.
I can’t imagine having to make a decision like that.

I can’t support or be party to the theft of software either.