No highlights from glossy material - rendered viewport

The cube objects all have a glossy basic material applied. Anyone know why I’m not getting any indication of a glossy surface on the objects themselves, but it does appear in their reflections on the ground plane material? If I launch a render, same thing… Shouldn’t the environment (basic Rhino sky) create the highlights? If I put a light in the scene that points more or less horizontally, then I get some highlights, but I don’t really want to to that…

Hi Mitch- if you fillet the top edges, do you get anything? Or ApplyEdgeSoftening.


Your view angle would have to be just right to see it in a flat surface.

Yes, I do get reflections if I fillet the top edges. However, what I’m not understanding is why I’m seeing the highlights in the reflections of the objects in the groundplane, and not the objects themselves… I thought the environment would light things all around down to the horizon… I guess not, the light appears to be coming from the top only…


I see what you are saying… looking down at a strong angle, the specular only shows in the reflection.

I need to think a little more… wait, coffee first.


It’s the reflection angle. The light hits the curves side, deflects to the reflective ground plane, and comes back to the camera. The box material would need a bumpy texture so some light could bounce back to the camera.

Yep, that sounds right.


Yeah, that’s what it looks like. I just thought there would be light all around coming from the environment that’s set, but it’s only coming from above. Seems like I need to set up my own lighting then, thanks…


There is light all around but not a light source, which is where those specular highlights come from. Use BounceLight, oops, I mean “EditLightByHighlightLocation” > NewLight to see where to place a light to get a hotspot where you want it. (I generally set output to be a line and not a light, just to give an indication of the direction from a particular viewpoint.) On a vertical surface seen from above, the light will need to come from below.