No Help needed at this time (5/16/16) with new project. Proficiency with Solid Works and Rhino

Need someone who is proficient working with both Rhino and Solid Works. Have product designed in Rhino but need to interface with machine shop with Solid Works files. Prototype is ready but will also need someone for next generation design. Located in S.F Bay area.

Hi Mickey,

I’m not sure if you still are looking for someone, but I may be able to help. An example of a project I worked on that might be similar can be found here:!berkeley-manifold-wall/ob888

Dan,Thanks for the reply. The team I am working with has one guy in San Jose and one in Boise, working on things currently. I will pass on your info and if things change, I will notify you and give you some heads up on what we are doing. Thanks again, Mike